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At the Biodiversity Technologies Symposium

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Posted by Davide, 28 September 2012

We are at the Biodiversity Technologies symposium -- #biosymox -- hosted by the Biodiversity Institute in Oxford. We heard about conservation of penguins, cool UAVs for biodiversity monitoring and standards for collecting biodiversity data. A huge number of interesting talks and lots of activity on the twitter hash tag :)

We presented a poster (see picture here) with a live demo of the iPhone detecting the electronic cicada. Lots of people stopped by (mainly for playing with the interactive demo :P). Alex is presenting today and there slides will be online soon.

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First App Version

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Posted by Davide, 01 September 2012

The first version of the cicada detection app is coming together. We have all the low level sound processing working, and are using the Goertzel algorithm to detect the cicada song in real-time. Next step is to detect and classify the three other singing insects which might be mistaken for the cicada.

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